Friday, September 3, 2010

Nikon COOLPIX S5100, New Digital Compact Camera

Based on Nikon customer surveys, the main complaints about compact digital cameras are as follows:
  1. The inability to capture sharp, sharp images under dim lighting
  2. Problem shooting at night
  3. Unnatural outcomes when the flash is used.
Therefore, Nikon has come up with new COOLPIX S8000 (10× optical zoom lens) and COOLPIX S6000 (7× optical zoom lens), both released in the spring of 2010, with 4 new characteristics to resolve the problems.
  1. Lower noise at high sensitivities
  2. Motion detection function
  3. Lens-shift vibration reduction function
  4. New flash control system which develops awesome night time shots with less blur and noise.
In addition, the camera is equipped with a new function that enables the camera to automatically differentiate between hand-held shooting and shooting with the camera mounted on a tripod and allow the optimum response to shooting conditions irrespective of lighting levels.
Furthermore, the COOLPIX S5100 offers new characteristics that captures once-in-a-lifetime moments in beautiful pics. Among these characteristics are the high-definition movie recording function, the high speed power-up and response that Nikon is recognized for, and the smart portrait function.
S5100 Primary Features
Five functions that enable capture of beautiful night time shots in dimly lit or dark surroundings
  1. Low noise at high sensitivities
  2. Motion detection.
  3. Lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function.
  4. Flash control - High-sensitivity sync: produces bright, natural looking images with less blur.
  5. Flash control - Wide-area back lighting recognition algorithm: Reduces the number of unsatisfactory shots taken in backlight situations for more awesome images.
  6. Hand-held/tripod night landscape detection function. When shooting night landscapes and other night time shots, the camera automatically differentiates between hand held shooting and shooting using a tripod, then sets ISO sensitivity and shutter speed accordingly to develop nice photos
The COOLPIX S5100 has excellant high-speed response that consistently captures the moment. It's power-up time is about 0.75 s, an autofocusing time is about 0.22 s and a shooting time lag is about 0.3 s. This enables the camera to reacts right away to sudden photo opportunities and moving subjects.
The COOLPIX S5100 is fitted with a high-definition movie recording function for keeping exciting and memorable experiences in full (1280 × 720, 30 fps). Plus, it has effective pixel count of 12.2 million pixels and a wide-angle 5× optical zoom NIKKOR lens.
It comes in 5 colours, blue, pink, red, purple and black. The design is slim, agile and emphasises rounded form with more curving around the edges.

With the following shooting functions the COOLPIX S5100 can capture of beautiful pics easily.
  1. The Best Shot Selector function, the camera automatically captures a series of 10 sequential frames and saves the 1 with the sharpest focus.
  2. Smart portrait .
  3. The subject tracking function, the camera tracks the subject automatically. It detects with face-priority AF
  4. Scene auto selector, the camera recognizes the type of subject and automatically select the best settings
The COOLPIX S5100 is a amazing camera at a very reasonable price.

COOLPIX S5100 Specs
  1. Effective pixels: - 12.2 million
  2. Image sensor: - 1/2.3-in. type CCD; approx. 12.39 million total pixels
  3. Lens: - 5X optical zoom, NIKKOR lens; 5.0-25.0mm ; f/2.7-6.6; Digital zoom: Up to 2X
  4. Focus range (from lens): - [W]: Approx. 45 cm to ? , [T]: Approx. 70 cm to ? , Macro mode: Approx. 2 cm to ? (wide-angle position)
  5. Monitor: - 6.7 cm , approx. 230k-dot, TFT LCD with anti-reflection coating and 5-level brightness adjustment .
  6. Storage media : - Internal memory (approx. 32 MB), SD/SDHC memory card ; Not compatible with Multi Media Cards (MMC).
  7. ISO sensitivity: - ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 ; Auto (auto gain from ISO 100 to 1600) ; Fixed range auto (ISO 100 to 400, 100 to 800)
  8. Interface: - Hi-Speed USB
  9. Power sources: - One Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL10 (supplied), AC Adapter EH-62D (available separately)
  10. Dimensions (WxHxD): - Approx. 97.1 X 56.9 X 21.6 mm (excluding projections)
  11. Weight: - Approx. 132 g (plus battery and SD memory card)
Specs and equipment are subject to change without any prior notice.
Nikon COOLPIX S5100, New Digital Compact Camera
COOLPIX S5100 - Black

Nikon COOLPIX S5100, New Digital Compact Camera
COOLPIX S5100 - Red
Nikon COOLPIX S5100, New Digital Compact Camera
COOLPIX S5100 - Purple
Nikon COOLPIX S5100, New Digital Compact Camera
COOLPIX S5100 - Pink
Nikon COOLPIX S5100, New Digital Compact Camera
COOLPIX S5100 - Blue

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