Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to make residual income by selling stock photos

How to make residual income by selling stock photos

One of the best ways to make money is by selling products with residual income potentials.

Products such as books, songs and photos give the opportunity for the authors, musician and photographers to make residual income.

If you have a good camera with anti vibration feature, then you could make passive income monthly by selling your stock photos in BigStockPhoto, Dreamstime & IStockPhoto.

I have been uploading some of my photos for fun to BigStockPhoto & made about some bucks from my photos.

I am selling stock photos of cats, money, landscapes, flowers, transportation and also religious sites. I am using Canon Cybershot and Nikon Coolpix.

As long people are buying my pictures, I will get commission for it.

History of my photos purchased and downloaded.

Date Photo Name - Type -  $Amount
2009-07-31 One Dollar Usd - Standard Photo > 0.50 USD
2009-07-26 Shopping Center - Wall Advertising - Standard Photo > 2.00 USD
2009-07-01 Cute Kittens Hiding Inside - Standard Photo > 0.50 USD
2009-02-20 Shopping Center - Wall Advertising - Standard Photo > 0.50 USD

You could be more creative by adding value to your photos by adding conceptual design to your photos.

Conceptual design photos that show happiness, business growth or current economic turmoil sells well since lot of people can use it in their work.

Once, you have made 30 USD you can cash out your money via Paypal, Moneybookers or check (50 USD needed for check request).

Other sites like Dreamstime & IStockPhoto their requirements are quite stringent to pass, and most of my pictures are declined because of the photos quality is not so good.

Both the cameras that I am using don’t have a good anti vibration feature in it. So, when I take moving object or my hand shakes a little bit then picture becomes blur.

However, I found a method to improve my approval rating. That is I just need to reduce my photo size and after that my approval rating gets better at BigStockPhoto.

For BigStockPhoto, their minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Photo MUST be taken by YOU, or artwork created by you personally!
  • All photos containing recognizable people MUST be accompanied by a valid, SIGNED Model Release form.
  • Images submitted as 'Editorial Use' must be taken legally, in public places that permit photography.
  • File size 25 MB or less JPG, EPS, AI, PSD, PNG, PDF file format ONLY.
  • Images must be at least 800 pixels across or high, 72 dpi minimum
  • Clear, crisp image. No watermarks or trademarks.
To start making residual income monthly!
  • Click here to join BigStockPhoto
  • Then you need to go through some simple test
  • And start uploading your pictures.
If you don’t have good camera at the moment, don’t worry. You could still make money by joining their affiliate program.

You could make 35 % sale commission when you refer a qualified new photo buyer.

Plus you could also sell BigStockPhoto at your website by integrating their API’s with your site. The process is simple and anyone with basic HTML knowledge can do it.

I have added their free photo library at

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