Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sony CyberShot (DSC-W35) versus Nikon CoolPix S560

Brought two cameras to take videos of Lima Langkawi Air Show, one was Sony CyberShot (DSC-W35) and another was Nikon CoolPix S560.

I compiled the videos produced by both cameras and you will notice the superiority of Sony CyberShot (DSC-W35) against Nikon CoolPix S560. The video below.

All my videos that I posted at youtube was produced using Sony CyberShot (DSC-W35). Even tough Sony CyberShot (DSC-W35) is little bit expensive, it is really worth it to buy Sony CyberShot (DSC-W35) because the video quality of the camera is quite excellent for it's price.

Watch my videos at youtube

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